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Jessica Landis is a an optimistic, free-spirited enjoyer of life. The California native began dreaming of her wedding somewhere around her fourth birthday, but it wasn’t until she found her twin flame and set a date that she fully recognized the bliss and passion she felt planning events. Blake Landis hails from Los Angeles — although some may think his origin is of water as you can almost always find him in the Ocean surfing. Blake + Jess met in 2012 while working together at Blake’s restaurant in Playa del Rey. It was electric love at first sight, and the two recently married in July 2016.

The Newlyweds have an innate passion for all-things creative, adventurous, wild and fun-- and after planning their own bohemian, festival-inspired Santa Barbara wedding, they felt it was the natural step to help others curate and facilitate events and gatherings based around that same intention of spreading Conscious love in the Modern World. It is their desire to bring that same energy to all the events they plan, whether thats a baby shower, birthday soiree, celestial dinner party or wedding. Blake + Jess find inspiration in all that they do, be it from a sweaty yoga class, hiking in Topanga Canyon, meeting new people during their travels, or having funky deep-house dance parties with their friends. 

Love + Landis specializes in all types of events, although our primary passion stems from the excitement and gratification of planning and designing a wedding. We just love the collaboration process that gives life to the vision a couple has for their wedding day: Some have a detailed-vision down to the last flower petal, while others need more guidance on the design concepts or overall energy and flow of how they want their wedding to feel. Drawing from numerous influences, including bohemian earth elements, new age and classic, we aim to inspire by creating an aesthetically unique, memorable experience for everyone involved.